Thursday, August 7, 2014


There are only cool loving friendly people i in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Argentina, in Italy, in China (Chinese people are very cool), but there is no love in USA.  Most people in USA lack love, do not love others and behave like robots, walk like robots and think like robots.  Most americans are mind-manipulated by TV, so their opinions are all provided, the behaviour patterns and physical gestures are all given to them by the TV role models that kill people on TV with guns like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Gerard Butler, etc  And that's why americans lack love.  Another cause of why most people in America hate each other is that there is a theory that claims that the popular masses adopt the same behaviour and same philosophy of life of their ruling classes.  

And because most people in USA are so evil, the right way to behave in America is to be evil.  According to the political realism of the book "The Prince", when a person behaves good among so many other men, that are not good, he will dig his own grave.

Which is what happens with leftist presidents try to be too good (among so many evil men) like John F. Kennedy, Salvador Allende, Zelaya and the former Ucranian president.  They all get overthrown

Let's be realists about USA.  The whole USA is mental hospital of evil people.  And you don't have to kill, and steal to be evil.  The majority of americans are evil, even if the great majority are not killers and are not thieves.  They are evil because they hate politics (hating politics is a form of evil), and they don't talk with their own neighbors and with strangers in the streets.  Ignoring people like americans do is a type of evil

Ignoring people, evading people, hating people is the national sport of the USA.  But USA like Israel will be punished by God, by being 2 satanic nations of evil rulers and evil citizens


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